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4 Reasons Why you Need to go Local for a Solar Provider

Local for a Solar

As the solar industry is booming, there are a lot of emerging solar system providers, be it a local or a national company.

While choosing a large or national company is good, going local when choosing a solar provider could be better.

Here are some reasons why.

They offer lower prices.

According to data, local solar panel installers have a 10% lower price compared to national companies, which could mean around $2,500 of savings.

Local companies do not need to maintain call-center sales force and a high number of employees, unlike their national counterparts, so they have the leeway of offering lower prices and better financing options for their local customers.

They can provide a better service.

Because of their proximity, local companies can give a more personal level kind of service to their customers. From the installation up to the maintenance of solar panels, they are willing to provide excellent service and customer contentment.

They work in a community, so they need to build a good reputation because they get new customers from referrals of previous satisfied solar panel owners. When you encounter problems regarding your solar system, they can provide the needed service right away.

These local installers aim for customer satisfaction and good customer experience to get customer’s approval and good ratings.

They have more competent and dedicated workers.

While they could be understaffed at times, you can be assured that their workers are knowledgeable and dedicated ones. These full-time employees directly report to the owners of their company, so they make sure that their work is done with diligence and accountability.

Because the company is located within your area, they can also provide the best solar panels suitable for the community’s weather, location, and house’s roof types and orientation while taking into consideration customer preference. These workers will ensure that the best quality panels are correctly installed and maintained because they know they will be accountable to their costumers and owners for their kind of work.

They will make sure to spend their time doing their job correctly to get your recommendation for future instalments from your neighbours or relatives in the area.

They can help the local economy.

Choosing a local provider for your solar system will, in turn, help the local economy. Buying local and getting local services means more money will go back to the local economy. These local companies will also help and support local events, charities, and organisations bringing back the money and resources to the locality.

But not all local companies are the same, so you also need to choose the best one by doing the following:

Checking company online reviews or government websites.

The local government advocates clean energy, and so they will have a list of reputable local solar company providers.

You can also check positive feedbacks or negative reviews on different internet sites for these local companies. By these, you can see their company certifications and affiliations. You can also read customer’s feedback, which can help you choose the best provider for you.

Inquire from friends and neighbours.

Hearing first-hand experiences from your neighbours and friends can be the best source of information. If they have installed solar panels, by now, they have stories to tell how the contractors work and deal with their customers.

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