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5 Tips For a Successful Commercial Solar Installation

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Investing in solar power for your business could require a lot of funds, so it would be best if you consider several factors before finally making the decision.

Before you can maximise the benefits of using solar energy in your business, there are essential things you need to do to ensure that the solar installation will be a success.

Follow these five tips for a successful commercial solar installation.

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Invest in solar panels that are of good quality.

Sometimes, the cheaper, the better. But this does not work for solar panels. Many affordable and unbranded solar panels are available but will only work for a short period and will only cost you more on repair or replacement. Invest in solar panels that have good quality, and you can benefit from it in the long run. Although it might cost more, if it is working efficiently, then you can save more on your energy bill. Choose trusted brands and have the seal of quality and recommendation from the government and energy companies.

Choose an experienced installer.

Not only the quality of solar panels matter but also how it is installed. And that will depend on the solar panel installers you will hire. As solar power is a now a booming industry, many small installation companies have also sprung out. While hiring them will save you on money, their work may not be the best. So to ensure that your solar panels are correctly installed and maintained, hire those who are already experienced in the business, recommended by reputable solar panel brands, and can provide the best maintenance service.

Be aware of the different solar incentives.

Using solar energy will not only help you save on electricity bills, but it also offers incentives and schemes which are all great way of a return of investment.

The rebate and incentive scheme from using solar power that is existing in Melbourne are the small and large-scale technology certificates program and feed-in tariffs.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) program allows those businesses to acquire a Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) which they can sell to the REC’s Traders to regain the solar panel installation cost. You can benefit from this program if your PV system is not higher than 100k in size and was installed by an installer from the Clean Energy Council.

Large-scale Generation Certificates are for those with larger businesses using large PV systems and consuming high energy. The process is the same as the small scale where the certificate can be sold in exchange for a worth of money.

Feed-in tariffs will be in use if the excess energy created by your PV system can be fed back to the power grid.

Check the warranty.

Most solar brands offer a 10-15 year warranty. But others can go as far as 25 years—the more extended the warranty, the more money you can save on repairs and maintenance.

Focus on long-term savings and benefits.

While many prospective solar power users look at the cost and upfront expenses of solar panel and installation, it is also essential to look beyond these factors. Many installers can discuss to you about how much you can save on energy bills, how much you can save for the entire lifespan of your PV system and the ROI that your system can provide. So do not forget to ask these details if you have already planned to go solar with your business.

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