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A Comprehensive Review of REC Solar Panels

REC Solar Panel Complete Review

Not all solar panels are created equal. They may all serve their purpose of producing energy through the sun, but others offer more benefits than the rest. Among them would be the REC solar panels.

A Little About REC Solar

Started in 1996 in Norway, REC is now one of the primary producers of solar panels in the European countries and nearby regions. Its manufacturing plants are situated in Singapore and are producing an estimated 1.4 GW of solar panels yearly.

So What Sets REC Apart From the Rest?

REC produces every materials and part of their solar panel, acquiring and maintaining complete control over quality and accountability of all the pieces and units.

As to its reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, REC solar panels are considered one of the best. Here are some of the many features of REC solar panels that make them the top-of-mind brand.

Low-Temperature Coefficient Panels

A solar panel’s performance can be measured by its temperature coefficient, which can indicate how it can function in hot conditions. As solar panels optimally function when the weather is ideal, the temperature coefficient will measure the change of performance of the panels during warm weather. REC solar panels have coefficients ranging from -0.31 to -0.33 %/degree Celsius, making it a reliable source of energy in all weather conditions.

Greater Power Output

The design of the REC solar panels allow it to produce more power per square meter. It has bars and enables better contact with the cell, improving the flow of electricity. REC solar panels also come with an anti-reflective coat and specialised glass etching that contributes to higher power production. This feature makes them more efficient compared to other solar panels.

Low Degradation Rate

Over time, solar panels also degrade due to the exposure to different weather conditions. But REC solar panels have the lowest degradation rate, with 0.39% -0.4 per degree Celsius while the rest has a standard degradation rate of 0.5% per degree Celsius.

With a low degradation rate, more power is produced over a more extended period making it a cost-effective investment.


REC solar panels are acknowledged as the Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard since its introduction in the market. In terms of environmental awareness, REC is one of the companies included in the SVTC(Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition) scorecard, which recognises solar companies who take part in their environmental responsibilities. The REC Group has also been awarded an IAIR award for being the best sustainable solar company for two consecutive years.


With its continuous Research and Development, REC is now leading in terms of its technology. It is the foremost company to manufacture panels with split design with half-cut cells. In split design, the current produced by each cell is halved, minimising the reduction in power loss and resistance, thus, increasing its efficiency and performance when shading occurs.

REC solar panels now come with a 20-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty making it one of the solar companies offering the most extended warranty.

REC Twin Peak Family

REC twin peak panels brisbane 280 watt
REC Twinpeak Description

Over time, the company has produced many excellent designs and series and the latest is the TwinPeak Series.

The TwinPeak 2 was the first to utilise 120 multi crystalline half-cut PERC cells. With the PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, the panels can absorb more abundant sunlight and in turn, produces more energy.

It can produce an output of 265-295W and comes with a 20-year product and a 25-year performance warranty. This series has an efficiency rating of 18%.

Another member of the series, the TwinPeak 2 Mono, uses 120 half-cut cells which are multi PERC mono crystalline and has a power output of 300-320W and with a warranty as to the TwinPeak.

For commercial and utility use, there is a TwinPeak 2s 72 series that is in half-cut split technology and has 144 half-cut cells in multi crystalline panels with 330-350W power output. This is the type of series that delivers the most power output among the TwinPeak family.

For every environment, there is a TwinPeak series solar panel that can match your need and preference. With its excellent qualities and outstanding company track, it is one of the current top brand and choice of costumers and installers alike. Also, it is now the most advanced solar panel technology in Australia.

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