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A Guide to Choosing the Best Solar Panel Installer

Solar Installers Installing Panels on Roof

Around the globe, more people continue to add up to the growing list of solar panel purchasers. These people may be advocates of using non-carbon sources of energy, or they firmly believe in the advantages of using solar power. As solar panel users are also incentivised and given rebates, there will come a time when all households are already using solar panels as sources of electricity. It will be great news if that eventually happens.

The Qualified Installer

Deciding to shift to solar power takes a lot of considerations, more so choosing the correct type of solar panels. But consumers should not be worried as there is someone who can help with this kind of problem – the solar panel installers. Since the use of solar panels is on the rise, numerous installation companies are emerging. With a lot of options, how can one choose the best panel installation company? Here are some things to look into when selecting the most dependable company.

But What's a Reasonable Price?

If solar companies are offering undercharged solar panels for installation, this could be a red flag. As a consumer, you purchase something for its quality at a reasonable price. The same goes for the solar panels; if they are lowly priced, they could not be the top of the line solar system. Remember that the solar panels operate for an extended period, so it should serve its purpose for the longest time it can. Before hiring their services, you can first ask neighbours who have already installed their panels about their experiences with the installation companies they hired. This information could help you screen a suitable company for your needs.

What's Should Be Included?

Installation companies should also provide an excellent warranty and maintenance agreement. Solar panels have a performance and an equipment warranty. The performance warranty will ensure that the solar panel will meet 90% of production output within the first ten years. Because production output degrades, it will only provide an 80% output until the 25th year. A product warranty will cover manufacture defects, environmental issues, and equipment failure for the first 10-12 years.

Generally, once solar panels are in place, they run smoothly over a long time. But due to some factors, problems will occur, and maintenance will be needed. That is why you should also look at the maintenance scheme of the installation companies. After a month or so of installation, some staff should get back to you to check if your system is properly functioning. Some companies can also check your solar system through the internet, or they have a regular schedule when to check your panels personally.

Therefore, do not forget to discuss the warranties and maintenance portfolio of the installation company as this will serve as your insurance and protection.

Professional Installer Measuring Panel Angles

Superb Customer Service

An installation company should also know how to deal with its costumers. As some costumers may have a lot of questions, the companies should always be available through text, calls, or emails to answer them. Companies with excellent customer service turn out to be reliable and credible ones.

A Good Company Image

A trustworthy company should also have a good reputation among its costumers. A reputed company is one that offers quality service and has an excellent customer care plan. You can check some companies you want to hire through stories and comments from their previous clients. Most companies have a website where you can also check for ratings and reviews of their clients. You can also find on some company’s website the year they started operating and the number of their satisfied costumers. These details could help you choose the most experienced and reputable company.

In-Depth Knowledge

Solar company staff should have extensive knowledge of solar panels. They should know what they are saying more so what they are doing. They should be ready to answer questions and offer solutions regarding installing and maintaining your solar panels. You can check some previous installation works of companies or get referrals from their past clients. As you will be spending quite a sum of money for installing your solar panels, make sure to choose the knowledgeable and equipped people who will handle them.

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