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Remarkable innovation keeps APsystems microinverters ahead of the competition and puts more power and efficiency into your solar array. Altenergy Power Systems Inc. offers advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APsystems microinverter solution combines highly efficient power inversion with user-friendly monitoring to bring you reliable, sustainable energy.

Our proprietary system architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for PV arrays, and their strong commitment to Research & Development continues to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace. AP Systems Microinverter technology maximises power generation for each module in the PV array, boosting system efficiency by up to 20 percent compared to conventional “string” systems. When combined with the AP Systems Communicator and AP Systems Monitor, the AP Systems Microinverter lets you track the performance of each module in your PV array through any web-enabled device. AP Systems Microinverters tie directly to the low-voltage DC module, enhancing homeowner safety and eliminating the possibility of high-voltage “arc” fires.

All AP Systems products undergo rigorous factory testing, evaluation, field tracking, and are built for a 25-year design life.

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