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About Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar exists to make a difference. Focusing on driving a positive difference environmentally and in the global society. The company aims to satisfy the expected needs of its customers through delivering customised and tailored solutions within their solar panel development. They are a leading manufacturer and are well known on a global scale for their production of photovoltaic products. Canadian Solar has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale energy projects, capable of fulfilling project needs at a cost competitive rate domestically and internationally.

Canadian Solar operates three technologically advanced solar research centres for cell, modules and systems. They employ a team of over 400 scientists, engineers, and technicians to conduct research on cell and modules technology. The company has forged Strategic research and development partnerships with NREL, ECN and DuPont. They also have 2,400 patent applications and over 1,500 authorised patents worldwide until the end of March 2020. Their PV modules have been tested and certified for harsher conditions and longer lifespans than many other manufacturers.

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