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Essential Questions You Need to Ask your Solar Panel Installers

Ask your Solar Panel Installers

Before deciding to use solar panels finally, you may have many questions in mind. And these questions can be best answered by the solar installer companies. It is expected that solar panel installers should be knowledgeable enough to provide you all the needed information regarding solar energy and solar panels. They should be able to answer any query, and their response should persuade you that going solar is the best decision you have made, and that they are the best solar installation company to do it for you.

There are several essential questions you need to ask your solar installers to help you decide which solar company to trust with the installation of solar panels in your roofs.

Here are some of them.

How long have you been installing solar panels, and are you licensed?

It is essential to know the number of years the company has been operating and installing solar panels. You should also ensure that they are approved and permitted by the city to operate and do their business.

Also, are their contractors or subcontractors insured and bonded?

You should also inquire if who will be individually working on your roof installation so you can be assured that he can do the work efficiently.

Do you also utilise solar energy?

As someone who talks about the benefits of using solar energy, solar installers should personally experience it to be more credible. They should have panels installed in their roofs so they can share their experiences with it to their customers also.

Can you assess my roof?

Solar panel installers should have the initiative of inspecting your roof so that they can have a better picture of how the installation will be carried out.

They should assess if your roof is strong enough or suitable to be installed with panels so you can have them repaired before the installation takes place. The installers should also provide a short explanation of how they will carry out the whole process so you will know what to expect and prepare. After setting it up, ask them to check also for cracks or leaks that have formed as a result of the installation so it can also be fixed.

What is the best solar system that matches our energy needs?

Installing solar panels is like an investment, so it is but expected that you can maximise its use. Your installers should know the best size of the solar system suitable for your usage by knowing details such as your consumption patterns, position and orientation of your roof, and surplus energy you can feed back to the grid. Also, they should get information regarding the net metering and electricity charge of the utility you use.

What will happen if our solar system is not producing as expected?

If your solar system does not produce the amount of energy specified by the installers, then they should be able to provide you with solutions.

They can give you money in exchange for the solar system’s insufficiency, or they can install additional panels without cost.

How can I avail of the warranty?

The solar system you will use has both product and workmanship warranty. Your installers should be able to inform you how they handle and provide these warranty services to know when you need it.

What if specific changes happen in the coming years?

You can also anticipate future scenarios, so you will know what to do in case it happens. If, in the coming years, you want to expand your house, your installers can give you options on what to do. They might recommend you to choose an extensive solar system to anticipate additional future consumption.

Or what if you need to relocate but have an existing leasing contract for the solar system? The installers might suggest leasing it to the next owners of the house, or they can remove the system and terminate the agreement.

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