ET Solar

About ET Solar

ET Solar is a globally integrated supplier of new energy systems. Founded in 2005, ET Solar strives for innovative development, leads the development trend of global photovoltaic industry, successfully ranks among the leading brands of global clean energy manufacturers, and has been listed as the tier 1 solar panel manufacturer in the world by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.  

According to the unique strategic perspective, ET adjusts and optimises its development strategy, laying a solid foundation for its sustainable development and career expansion. At present, the company’s three core competencies focus on: differentiated products, cloud factory supply chain, and global operation.

ET actively integrates new energy and intelligent household appliances by its perfect quality control constitution and continuous technological research and development ability and provides diversified off-grid products and power demand solutions for customers with different goals. With the increasing application scenarios of solar modules and the increasingly prominent customisation requirements, ET continues to innovate and develop products for the application scenarios of integrated PV modules such as airports, reservoirs and buildings. Specifically, it includes: AC module, half sheet module, double glass module, anti-glare module, BIPV module, PV tile, ground PV module, etc.

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