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Everything You Need to Know About a Solar Panel’s Lifespan

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Solar panel owners can enjoy the benefits of their equipment for more than two decades. This period is the standard lifespan that comes along with it. But could solar panels last longer? Let us take a look at some factors which could affect the longevity of solar panels.

Will My Solar Panels Deteriorate?

As solar panels stand in different weather conditions, it is unavoidable that over time, their working conditions deteriorate. Accumulation of dust particles or soiling is one factor that affects the productivity of solar panels. With the many layers of dirt covering the arrays, lesser sunlight reaches it, and according to research, solar panels losses its effectiveness by 1% due to solar radiation loss. Wind, storm, snow, and heat can all cause significant damage to the panels as well. Moreover, birds nest and bird droppings also add up to problems reducing solar power capabilities.

The installation process can also contribute to the rate of deterioration of the panels. If installers are not careful in handling the panels, they may step on it or incorrectly connect them. These actions may cause micro-fractures to the photovoltaic cells and eventually cause the deterioration process.

Different types of panels have a different life span so you should know the type to install. Crystalline panels are hardwearing and can go through extreme weather conditions for up to 20 years, while film panels can only be as good in 5 years.

Longevity of Solar Panels

As mentioned earlier, numerous factors can dictate the excellent working conditions and longevity of the solar panels. But what do manufacturers can say about this? Usually, they set warranties for up to 25 years. This time often is as long as the panels are working. Most producers state that their panels will be 80-85% efficient within the warranty period. Other manufacturers offer a workmanship warranty that covers a broken junction box and a faulty frame.

The warranty correlates with the ability and energy-producing potential of solar panels.

Some factors affect the capabilities and production of panels. One would be the temperature. You must take into consideration the temperature and airflow of the installation site to ensure that the panels will function at its optimal.

Sunlight can significantly affect the production of electricity of the panels. The lesser the light that reaches the panels, the smaller the amount of power generated. 

The correct installation position of the panels will increase the production of the panel arrays. An ideal placement would be an angle of 15 degrees facing towards the sun. 

Regular maintenance plays a crucial part in ensuring that the panels are in excellent working conditions always. So see to it that your equipment is free from dust and debris all the time.

Improving the productivity of the solar panels will, in turn, increase their life expectancy. Here are some tips to prolong the life span of the solar panels.

  1. First, pick an installer that provides the best customer care and gives full warranties.
  2. Provide shelter for the panels, especially during intolerable weather conditions.
  3. As panels have warranties, request for the manufacturer’s services for a free inspection of your solar equipment to know the working conditions and defects if there may be.
  4. Do a regular check-up of the panels. Remove dirt, bird droppings, debris, or any other foreign materials that may impede the normal function of the panels.
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Solar panels can outlive unfavourable weather conditions, but it requires proper keeping for it to function at its best. It is an investment that you can reap the benefits over time, so caring for it will ensure you get its worth.

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