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Growatt showcased Smart Energy Solutions at InterSolution 2022

January, 2022–Growatt showcased its smart energy solutions at InterSolution 2022, Belgium featuring its future-proof battery-ready PV solution.

As the global top 2 storage hybrid inverter supplier according to Wood Mackenzie, Growatt reinforced its competitiveness in serving the European market with its comprehensive energy storage solutions during the expo. The company exhibited a whole package of battery-ready PV solutions, including MIN 2500-6000TL-XH series and MOD 3-10KTL3-XH series battery-ready PV inverters, ARK XH Battery System, smart meter and monitoring solutions.

Battery-ready inverters will allow customers to upgrade to an energy storage system easily with an ARK-XH battery system in future, which will save them the cost on initial investment. For both models, the DC/AC ratio reaches a new height of 2. Both models allow full nominal power export to the grid plus full nominal power battery charge at the same time. What is more, MIN-XH series can also be applied to retrofit the existing solar system to an ESS, saving the cost on investment for the customers.