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About GSUN Power

GSun Power is one of the largest shipments of PV module manufacturers in China, who focus in producing poly & mono solar cells, off-grid solar panels and offering system parts related to all kinds of solar systems. Since 2007, GSun’s products are recognised with a high reputation in more than 50 countries and regions such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Indonesia and Japan. Their products are certified with a range of qualifications and they are proud to be the only one who obtains both SGS-TUV and CQC certificate among the whole range of modules.

Their annual shipments of PV modules is more than 100 million and have been one of the few enterprises who are qualified with TUV,CE ,SGS,IEC and CQC certificates. Apart from the professional field of module manufacture, they are experienced in producing the customised panels as required as well.

Since 2007, their products are popular in more than 80 countries and regions in Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Indonesia, Philippine, American, Denmark, Australia, Argentina, New Guinea, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and China and so on. They provide more than 50 million solar modules so far, such as uninterrupted power supply for the United National Department of health medical vaccine preservation project in Africa, European and Australia ground and roof PV project, Chile Santiago road lighting system, New Guinea household system project, Nigeria street lighting project, Korea Maritime Bureau solar lights, Chinese solar lamp, solar street monitoring system and highway street lights and so on.

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