Get the whole picture with Reposit First

Reduce your power bills by tracking how and when your family uses energy with Reposit First.
Reposit First monitors and tracks your energy usage and generation effortlessly. Identify how to use your energy more efficiently. Discover if a solar battery is right for your household.

How does reposit work

Take the first step on your energy journey

Reposit First gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about how and when you use energy, and what future energy investments you should make. From your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:
> View and track your home energy costs
> See your energy usage in real time
> If you have solar, monitor your system’s performance
> Audit your power bills
> Discover if solar batteries are right for you


Get the most from your solar system

If you have solar panels, Reposit First can reduce your power bills by getting the best value from your panels. With Reposit First, you can see the best times to use your energy draining appliances. Reposit First predicts your solar generation and energy consumption 24 hours in advance. Use this to know when to start the dishwasher or washing machine to get the best value from your energy.

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Upgrading to Reposit

If you decide to install a solar battery system, upgrading to Reposit is simple and cost-effective. Your Reposit First system effortlessly converts to Reposit when you connect it to a Reposit compatible solar battery. On upgrade, Reposit will apply what Reposit First learned about your home to make you instant savings. Continue using your Reposit app. When you upgrade to Reposit all of your recorded data will be visible, making it easy for you to see the performance of your solar battery investment.

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Peace of mind

With an outstanding 5 year warranty on Reposit First and no ongoing costs, Reposit First will continue to deliver you value well into the future. Reposit First is designed and assembled in Australia.


A quick installation, a lifetime of savings – Getting Reposit First in your home is simple.

Whether you have an existing solar system or are just interested in monitoring your household energy consumption, installing Reposit First is straightforward for a Reposit partnered licensed electrician.

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Track your daily energy journey

Know how much energy you’re using, generating and have stored in real-time with Reposit.
From morning to night, you can track what your energy use is costing you in real-time. From your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:
> Know how much you’re paying for your electricity
> Track your energy consumption, solar generation, battery behaviour and energy costs instantly
> Compare all your data, see what days, weeks and months your solar battery system has performed best
> Follow Reposit’s predictions, and see when you have excess energy to use or when you should be more conscious of the energy you’re consuming
> Get handy tips on when to use your energy-hungry appliances
> Get notifications every time you earn GridCredits

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See how much you’re paying daily for energy and easily compare it to what you paid each day for the past week. Monitor how much of the energy you used came from your solar panels and identify how much solar energy was stored in your battery or was consumed.


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