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How to Keep Your Solar Panels in Working Condition Throughout All Seasons

Solar Panels in Working Condition Throughout All Seasons

Converting sunlight to energy is a solar panel’s work for around 25 years, that is their prescribed lifespan. It is a long time, but it also comes with proper caring for the solar panels to be in their excellent working condition. Installation companies provide good warranty and maintenance deals that will be your protection in case your solar system breaks down. But as an owner, it is also your responsibility to maintain their efficiency in providing solar energy.

Weather Conditions

We’ll let you know here some simple maintenance procedures so that your panels will be working all the time in every season.

Winter Season

Snow build-up can affect the production of your solar panels. It can as well damage the physical structure of your array if the snow becomes ice.

Usually, sunlight can already melt a considerable amount of snow and take care of the problem, but in cases where snow has been piling up on the roof, you may need to clear away the snow with a rake or broom.

The build-up of ice may cause damage to your panels if not immediately attended. Pooling will happen, and water might seep through your solar system. It will not only damage the structure of the panels but even its electrical production.

But before doing these, check first the maintenance procedures and the warranty package of your panels.

Autumn Season

Pile of leaves can cover your panels during the fall season, but it should not be a big problem because they can be removed easily. But if other debris brought by the wind accumulates in your panels, you might need some rigorous cleaning to do. But before carrying out, be sure that you can handle it yourself, if not, there are cleaners that you can hire. When you plan to do it yourself, you should remember to be careful and gentle as not to damage your panels and void the warranty.

Spring Season

Spring is the time you can assess the working condition of your panels and apply preventive maintenance. You can inspect your panels on your own, or you can ask your installer to do it. The drivers can make a thorough inspection as they know what things to look into, such as cracks, debris pile-up, roof conditions, and missing bolts. They can also check if there are corrosions of the electrical parts or damage to the wirings.

If there is damage to the internal parts, such as wirings and electrical conductors, the installers can also check it more deeply or do an isolation test. The isolation test will be an excellent tool to assess your panels and know if they are all working optimally.

Summer Season

Summertime is the best time for your solar system to be working. However, it is also the time when dust and pollen accumulate, and birds make droppings. Occasional rain can do the cleaning, but in areas where there are few or no rains at all, solar panels owners might need something to do about it.

They can use a garden hose to dust off debris but will need demineralised water to avoid damaging the surface of the panels. Hard water, if used regularly, can destroy or peel off the protective film of the panels.

Owners can also opt to install a roof sprinkler for easier cleaning but with the assistance of the installers for proper mounting.




Ask For Help

It is good if you can do the regular check-up by yourself, but it is still best if you consult and ask for your installers’ help because they were trained to do maintenance and have many experiences doing it.

Be Safe

When doing it on your own, you should observe safety also as not to endanger your life or cause more damage to your panels. You may need experts when doing maintenance involving internal parts of the solar system, such as the electrical components.

Preventive maintenance is an excellent way to ensure that your solar panels continue to provide the needed energy production of your homes. So, make it a habit so you can maximise the use of your solar panels for a long time.

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