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Inverter Updates

Here you can find information about certification status and the required firmware downloads and update procedures.

Any further questions about inverter updates and certifications contact the our support team and we will assist you. We will also be updating this page as more information is available.


2500TL-X ~ 6000TL-X firmware update to AS4777.2:2020 Version.

This is a procedure for TL-X inverter only to updated to AS4777.2:2020 FIRMWARE.

Only Growatt 2500TL-X ~ 6000TL-X old stock need update firmware and label.
Growatt 7000TL-X ~ 10000TL-X are already new versions, and DO NOT need to update firmware and label.

1. Power on a TL-X inverter with DC source.
2. Copy and paste 2 files (BCONFIG.txt & ZAAA-0014.bin) to a empty usb disk and insert it to the USB port of TL-X
3. Wait approximately 3 minutes when the updating finished unplug the USB disk.
4. Change the Label of TL-X to AS4777.2:2020 VERSION.

Email and we’ll email updated files to you.

MOD 3000TL3-X ~ 15000TL3-X firmware update to AS4777.2:2020 Version

The following steps are for updating the firmware of Growatt’s MOD TL3-X inverters, supporting the 3000TL3-X ~ 15000TL3-X.

  1. Find an empty USB disk
  2. Copy and paste the three documents (found below) onto the USB
  3. Plug the USB into the inverter’s USB port.
  4. Wait approximately 5 minutes while the firmware updating finished.
  5. Touch the Inverter screen to “SET PARAMETER”
  6. Choose “Advanced Setting”
  7. Input password “123”
  8. One click on “country/area” Australia
  9. Region A B C: There are 3 options, most Australian grid companies choose region A. If not region A, double click the button change to B or C.
  10. Done.

Email and we’ll email updated files to you.

Extract the zip file and copy the 3 documents (BCONFIG.txt, DLAA-03xx_DSP28075.hex, ZBAb-97.bin) to the USB root 


GoodWe old stock must be updated to the latest firmware. Instructions on how to do so can be on the PDF found here.

If the inverter box has the label “AS4777.2:2020” then the inverter comes with the latest firmware pre-installed, and therefore does not need to be updated.


The following Solis inverter models with AS/NZE 4777.2:2015 compliance can achieve AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 compliance after firmware upgrade.

For more information and to register the inverter, go to Solis’ official inverter upgrade page here.


Fronius inverters must be updated to the latest firmware to comply with the new AS/NZS 4777.2:2020, with this including models from their Primo, Symo and Eco series.

Full details, including download location and installation instructions, can be found in this PDF published by Fronius here.

Please note that the following Fronius inverters WILL NOT be recertified to the new AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 standard:

Fronius Galvo series
Fronius Symo Hybrid series


Sungrow inverters must be upgraded to the latest firmware in order to comply with the new AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 standard. Details about which firmware is to be installed on each inverter, as well as download and installation instructions for the new firmware on relevant inverter models can be found in this PDF from Sungrow here.

The firmware must be updated on the following models:

SG5.0RT, SG7.0RT, SG8.0RT, SG10RT, SG15RT, SG20RT
SH5.0RS, SH6.0RS
SH5.0RT, SH10R


Solax have multiple inverters that are certified or are in the process of certification. A PDF with the latest information with which inverters are currently certified, and estimations of when others are to be certified, can be found here.