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Learn What You Can Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Global warming and climate change continue to be significant problems that affect the world. The Earth is heating up at a fast pace, and when this continues, catastrophic events may occur.

Sources of Global Warming

One major contributor to global warming is greenhouse gases. Humans are unceasingly releasing gases, especially carbon dioxide, as they go on with their daily lives – from eating their favourite food to driving their vehicles. Collectively, these emitted gases are called carbon footprint.

Some activities like traveling through public transports for 7 miles, driving a car up to 3.75 miles, and using a computer nonstop for 32 hours each can already add 1 kg of carbon dioxide to your total carbon footprint. And every person has a lot of activities in a day that produces gases, so imagine how much one person can emit in a year. With the growing population, the Earth hangs in the balance, and if this problem persists, all creatures’ lives will be at stake.

People Are Now Becoming Part of the Solution

As a significant part of the problem, people should be a central part of the solution also. We can start simply with our daily activities. Instead of driving a car, walk, or ride a bike. Buy foods that are not processed and are grown naturally. Always switch lights and appliances, not in use. The list could go on if you aim to reduce your carbon footprint, but if you want to create a more significant impact, you can choose to use renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources offer a cleaner source of energy and can be an essential way to decarbonise. There are many sources of renewable energy, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Among them, solar energy is becoming more popular and widely used across all countries.

The Solar Energy Movement

With its beneficial effect on the environment, a lot of people are opting to use solar power to energise their daily activities, their homes, and even their businesses.  Solar energy, which depends on the heat of the sun, is abundant, readily available, free, and environmentally-safe. There are now different kinds of solar power equipment that you can choose from, which will suit your needs.

Solar panels, inverters, and racking systems are some necessary parts of solar equipment. Solar panels are the units that control and make use of the energy of the sun to produce heat and electricity. A cluster of panels is called an array. An array of 20 panels can provide a total of 5kW, which is sufficient for one household. Inverters control the energy manufactured by the panels and convert them into usable energy. Racking systems are also essential units that keep the panels firmly in place.

Different countries are also working to encourage their citizens to turn into solar energy through the incentives, rebates, and tax credits they give to solar panel owners. With its numerous benefits and incentives, maybe solar power might be the solution we all need.

Renewable Energy To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Taking a Stand Against Climate Change

Managing the problem of global warming and climate change entails the help of all levels of the community – from every individual to the government. So each person must take a stand and choose to be part of the solution rather than cause the problem.

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