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The PGK range includes solar panels, solar inverters, solar mounting systems and electrical components, with leading brands such as Bosch, SolaX, Eco Future, Risen and Clenergy they have all the essential components both in singular and kit form for your solar energy needs.

PGK Distributions also supply all electrical cable, DC and AC Isolators and Circuit Breakers and Enclosures that make us a one stop shop for all your Solar Power installation needs. PGK products have Australian backed warranties, including product recall and liability insurance, which are complemented by local, personalised service and support.

PGK’s line of top quality switch gear and solar accessories have been handpicked and developed, with Australian, New Zealand and international markets in mind, for reliability and longevity, ensuring supply of quality solar components to some of the largest PV companies across the globe.

With consistent R&D, independent 3rd party testing and market responsibility over sales mentality, PGK have all the essential components both in singular and kit form for all your solar energy needs. PGK have been supplying DC electrical, DC cable, DC isolators, DC circuit breakers and other PV components to most major electrical wholesalers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and Dubai for almost a decade.

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