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Qingdao Raysolar New Energy Co.,LTD, was established in February of 2012 and is located in Qingdao Jimo solar industrial park, an integrated high and new technology enterprise in R&D, production, and sales. Raysolar is mainly engaged in the production and sales of crystalline silicon double-glass module (DP), as well as development and construction of power stations.

Raysolar focus on the production and sales of double-glass module (DP) with automatic capacity of 500MW annually. In addition, its module products have obtained 3C mandatory certification of architecture industry, North American UL certification, CGC “Golden Sun” certification and Germany TüV certification, etc.

The unique encapsulating technology developed by Raysolar well avoids the risk of collision during transportation and installation, by which Raysolar obtained “Solar Innovation Prize”. Its DP modules have been applied in kinds of DP demonstration projects especially well received by clients and PV industry. All of their products have good resistance to PID, fireproofing Class A, work well at high temperature or high humidity areas such as the seaside and agriculture areas, less risk of micro cracks and snail trail, much more power generating than signal glass normal modules, and we are supplying 30 years linear warranty.

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