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PV Connections is a leading, trusted supplier of balance-of-system photovoltaic products to Australia’s rapidly growing solar energy industry. They offer the complete range of solar connection products, compatible with other brands and designed and tested for Australian conditions & requirements. They source and supply only the very best products, at competitive prices, so that you in turn can be confident in the quality and value of your installation.

They are constantly searching and sourcing new and innovative products from global markets, such as Solarflex, the ultimate conduit system and a revolutionary solution exclusively designed and produced by PV Connections. This pre-wired flexible conduit system removes the need to manually feed cables, enabling fast and easy solar installations. Safe, fully compliant and self-extinguishing, SolarFlex reduces installation time by up to 20%. Made in Italy to the highest Australian standards, the SolarFlex one-piece fittings and ready-to-go conduit systems give you complete confidence in your installation. Fit once, knowing that safety and reliability is maximised, and risk and maintenance is minimised.

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