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About Solarie Energy

Solarie Energy is an international manufacturer of green energy system. Their products are designed and produced to satisfy all the requests of our customers worldwide. Considering the different regulations in different market, their company is taking care about all the requested certifications in order to guarantee their products will be popular in the market. Their mission is to reduce the global pollution through developing high efficiency and new technology products. They have a wide range of green energy products in Solar, Wind and many other sustainable technologies.

The company, Solarie Energy was established in Germany as a European headquarter and in Sydney, to support the Australia market. Their strength is that they have their own R&D team and engineer team to support new technology development and ensure quality control on their production procedure. Their OEM production platform are based in China and Vietnam to support to support their supply chain of solar panels and solar cells, so that control the cost while ensuring that the quality is the best. Their business is rapidly expanding also in Asia, having partners in India, Australia and Germany for more than 10 years cooperation.

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