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The Benefits of Making your Business Solar-Powered

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Owning a business entails a lot of plans and decisions, much more with maintaining that it is running smoothly. One thing you need to look at, especially if your business consumes so much electricity and energy is going solar.

Using solar in your business can provide you with a lot of benefits. With the rocketing cost of electricity, many companies are opting to use solar in running their businesses. It is one great way of minimising operating expenses and reusing that cash in other needs of the business.

Let's Consider a Few Things First

A business is a continuous flow of expenses, and return of investments and business people would be likely to have more on the latter.

So to cut on the expenses, a lot of growing businesses invest in solar power such as using photovoltaic (PV) and storage battery solutions. Solar panels operate in the daytime when it produces electricity from the sun while the battery storage works to hold the excess energy that can be used at night or in poor weather. Batteries can also supply energy surge demands, especially during spikes caused by certain operations in the business.

Some person in business chooses to install panels side by side infrastructure investments like new buildings or roof repairs.

You might also need to consider utilising solar if the business operates in places with expensive energy cost, needs abundant energy load and aims to be sustainable.

The list could go on, but going solar might be expensive at first. Still, it will be an intelligent investment afterwards, and it will create a good branding as using solar power helps lessen pollution and carbon emissions.

Advantages of Going Solar with your Business

After considering some important factors, here are also some advantages of shifting to solar that might help you decide to install one.

Long Term Savings

Lowering the cost of the electric bill will be the main advantage of going solar, especially in areas with net metering. Delivery and demand charges also add up to the electric bill because these charges are the way by which electric companies recover the costs of making energy when it is at its most massive load. These extra charges also compensate for the cost of maintaining power lines and lost energy in the system. Going solar will address the problem on these additional electricity charges by having a primary power source in your area. Also, energy will not be lost along with the transmission and cooling cost will be minimised by the shade that the panels give.


Solar panels are also expandable. You can start with few panels generating a part of your needed energy, and as time goes by, you can add more panels to cover all your energy needs. Excess electricity can also be a source of income as you can sell it to the local utility.

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Government Schemes/Incentives

Some countries are also giving out incentives to electricity consumers who use solar generating equipment. It may be in the form of investment subsidies, feed-in tariffs, net metering and energy credits. In investment subsidies, the government gives back some of the installation system cost. The electricity utility purchases photovoltaic electricity from the producers under an agreement in feed-in tariffs and net-metering. Energy credits allows solar generating electricity owners to sell credits for energy to their utility. Commonly credits are awarded at a rate of one for every 1000kw/h.

Your Own Independent Source

Businesses that depend on solar power system will be operating continuously amidst power loss caused by environmental disasters. They can generate their micro-grid and convert it to energy whenever they want.

The Recognition

Choosing a solar power system will lessen the carbon emission and pollution of your business. It will, in turn, earn you recognition as a company or industry that is geared towards environmental awareness and sustainability. Many industries opt to partner with green and sustainable companies so going solar might be something you can think about.

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