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The Remarkable Benefits of Solar Energy to the Australian Community

Australian community

Australia, being in a location that experiences full sunny days and clear skies, is one of the countries that can generate a large amount of solar energy to meet the country’s energy needs. It has the highest solar radiation per square meter among any continent. Its solar energy production is now ranked as one of the top ten countries with the highest solar power capacity.

Solar energy is abundant and can be an unlimited source of energy supply. With its ideal location, Australian households and businesses can now rely on solar energy to provide them a stable source of power supply. About one in every four Australian homes now rely on solar panels for their electricity consumption. Other establishments, like schools, shopping centres, and hospitals, have also been using solar energy to run their businesses.

Solar energy in Australia is becoming indispensable and continues to provide environmental and economic benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Environment benefits

With the sun as the source, using solar power now limits the use of fossil fuel, which causes global warming and climate change. Burning fossil fuels also results in other environmental problems like deforestation, soil erosion due to mining and air, and water pollution. These environmental problems all lead to endangering animal and human inhabitants.

In Australia, where the climate is diverse, global warming poses a significant threat in the:

  • Health. The sudden rise in temperatures and heatwaves can cause illnesses and death. Humidity and higher temperatures can also give rise to insect-related diseases.
  • Livelihood and Homes. Extreme weather conditions, changes in rainfall patterns, and heatwaves can make it hard to grow products and graze live stocks, resulting in food shortage and more expensive products. Storms, cyclones, bushfires, and coastal erosions can also damage homes and properties.
  • Ecosystems. As climate changes, the temperature rises, water becomes scarce, fires threats increases, pests, and weeds multiply, and water bleaching happens. These incidents can all stress the different inhabitants of diverse ecosystems. With coral bleaching, one-third of the Great Barrier Reef is now destroyed. Bush fires have also destroyed the homes of many animals. Those species who cannot adapt to climate change are now in danger of extinction. 

Using solar power helps protect the homes of different animals and preserve the ecosystem in Australia. You can also help provide a healthier and greener future for the next generations.

Economical Benefits

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Depending on solar energy for power supply can also save you money on paying bills from imported and fossil fuel sources. This money can be used instead to grow the local economy by buying local produce, dining in local restaurants, shopping in local establishments, and investing in local businesses. The excess electricity you can send back to the power grid can add to your community’s total energy supply and be a source of extra money.

A thriving ecosystem can also boost the tourism of Australia, which results in a surge of income and an increase in the economy.

So by deciding to shift to solar energy, you can make a big difference and can contribute to the environment and economy sector of Australia.

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