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The Things You Need To Know About Going Solar

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The world population is still rapidly increasing. The need to sustain the needs of all people continues to be a problem, including the energy needed to produce these need-sustaining products.

Sources of Renewable Energy

The energy we use to generate power may come from different sources. Some of these are renewable; some are not. Renewable sources replenish naturally, and this includes wind, hydroelectric and solar energy. With the hazardous effects of fossil fuels and nuclear power, countries are gearing towards using mainly renewable forms of energy. Some of these countries include Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Germany, Uruguay, Denmark, China, Morocco, Kenya, and the USA. These countries are aiming towards a low-carbon future by switching to using renewable sources.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the most plentiful form of energy source there is. Solar equipment can utilise this energy for diverse use, such as heating water for the household, commercial, and even industrial use, providing electricity and producing light.

Countries Tapping into Solar Energy

With its abundance and simple conversion, no wonder many countries are tapping this energy source. Claiming the top spot is China, which operates the largest solar project with 174GW of cumulative solar capacity. Also included in the list would be the USA who claims the fifth spot globally on the highest volume of solar photovoltaics.

Why Should I Go Solar?

The sun is a prospective source of energy which all people can eventually opt to use in their residences. Focusing our attention on solar power, let us take a look at some of the right reasons why solar energy might be the optimal source of energy for everyday living.

Unlimited and Environment-Friendly

Solar energy can be obtained every day of the year, abundant and pollution-free with no emission of green gases.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels can last about 25-30 years. Solar panels will function for many decades, given the conditions that they are not damaged by wind, debris, or any other outside factors. Due to the reasons that they don’t have any moving parts, solar panels seldom break from the inside and are usually damaged only by external factors like a poor installation or weather disturbances. Solar panels are also replaceable, improving their productivity, and once the infrastructure is set up, it can last a lifetime.


solar panel array 1591358 1280

Fast Deployment

In times of disasters, solar energy can be restored at the least possible time. Take, for example, the hurricane in Puerto Rico, where just in a matter of weeks, small solar power plants were built immediately and sustained the need of the island.

Cost-Efficient and Effective

The value of solar energy has dipped down over the past year, where it can now contend with the price of coal, oil, and gas-operating power plants. This fact is according to new data gathered by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). IRENA shared that the cost of developing new power plants using fossil fuels costs $.05 kWh to over $.15 kWh while the average cost of building a power plant using photovoltaic is usually below $0.10 kWh.

Solar Options

Deciding to switch to solar energy, you may start with a rooftop system. But if it is not possible for putting up solar panels due to some reasons, you can still get solar energy from a common source. Community solar projects are local facilities where it is shared by community subscribers who receive electricity bills from their share of power produced. This kind of solar energy is being used more nowadays, globally. In the US, there are 40 states with at least one solar community project. 

“Solar use is on an upward trend, and from the data, it will continue to do so in the coming years. The government of each country will serve as an essential part of this success by implementing renewable energy standards, tariffs, and subsidiaries. By aiming to have cleaner sources of energy, we can have that cleaner and safer environment”

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