New Suppliers

Thank you for your interests in Solar Shop Online.

Solar Shop Online purchases products from a large number of local and international suppliers. As we continue to develop strategic relationships with our key suppliers we also understand the importance of working with a diverse supply chain that represents various products and markets and gives Australian’s access to more new innovating products and brands.

When it comes to working with new suppliers, our priority is clear – to work as a team and bring these new products to market.

The Benefits of working with us

  • Build better relationships. Working together and maintaining contact regularly and working together and grow sales for each other.
  • Product visibility. More customers can be exposed to your products.
  • Reduces inventory costs. Holding a large amount of merchandise inventory is expensive. With consignment, all storage costs are our responsibility.
  • Gives insight into product trends. Suppliers can analyse their consigned inventory sales to discover what products convert and within how long. This allows both of us to invest in the right goods and only hold the most beneficial inventory for the Australian market.

Working in close strategic alignment with suppliers, we can build strong relationships based on shared priorities.

If you’re a new supplier & interested in showcasing your products to the Australian market feel free to contact us on: