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What are the Benefits of Using Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

ground mounted solar panel

Solar panels are ideally installed in roofs where they receive direct sunlight and function optimally. But sometimes there are cases when the roof is not ideal for solar panel installation such as issues of shading, the orientation of roofs, slanted rooftops, or weak-structured roofs. Instead of missing the opportunity to utilise solar power due to these issues, homeowners can opt to install their solar panels on the ground.

Ground-mounted solar panels can also produce the same amount of energy, like roof-installed solar panels, or can even exceed it. Besides, there are other benefits that ground-mounted solar panels provide, including:

Flexible Alignment

When using ground-mounted panels, you can readily choose the position of the panels where they can receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Unlike when installed in the roof where they face a specific orientation, panels mounted on the ground faces the direction that will receive sun exposure the most. This way, they will receive sufficient sunlight at any time of the day and any season of the year.

While they may appear not organised when mounted on the ground because of different orientations, this set-up will yield more energy and will translate to more savings.

Unlimited Space for Mounting

The open ground can serve as an unlimited space for installing solar panels. You can install as many panels and produce more energy. While energy production is higher, installing solar panels on the ground can be more expensive. You need to use ground-mounted systems to secure the safety and security of the panels.

There are two kinds of ground-mounted solar panel systems – the standard and the pole-mounted type. The standard ground mounts use metal frames that are fixed on the ground and positions the solar panels at a certain angle while the pole-mounted type uses poles that elevates the panels slightly higher than the ground.

The expenses of buying and installing these mounting systems and acquiring permits for its installation all make choosing ground-mounted solar panels more expensive. But with the unlimited number of panels that can be installed and the higher energy and electricity production, these expenses will be offset over time.

Grounded Solar Panels

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The solar panels that are mounted on the ground can be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance. You can readily check the condition of the solar panels without having to climb up the roof or hire someone to do it. Maintenance personnel will also be safer when conducting their inspection and services because they do not need to be on top of the roof.

During rainy seasons, there will be no problems regarding the accumulation of water, dirt, and other debris. On snowy days, you can also quickly dust off the snow that has covered the panels. It is also less challenging to clean them using running water when the solar panels are on the ground. Problems with regards to roof structure and stability will also be eliminated because the panels are on the ground, not drilled on the roof.

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