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Why Go Solar When Working From Home?

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The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced many people to stay in their homes. Because of this pandemic, companies were required to find ways to continue operating while considering the safety of each employee. And one of the ways they found is remote working or working from home.

According to a survey, employees working from home have drastically risen since the start of the pandemic. In Australia, even before the health crisis, about one-third of all Australians are already working from home since 2016. These employees were usually part of an online company or teleworking company. Seeing that it is an excellent work set-up, big companies like Apple and Amazon have decided to allow their employees to work from home permanently. The pandemic continues to pose a threat, and staying home and working from home is still the best prevention. With this condition, many companies and businesses might soon choose to allow their staff to work from home permanently.

Working From Home

Working from home offers a lot of benefits, and that includes:

  • Saving on company spending cost on business travels, utility bills and other resources
  • Savings by employees for their everyday expenses (gas or transportation fees, clothes and meals)
  • Helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by not using automobiles
  • More job opportunities not bounded by location, socio-economic status or cultural background
  • A more comfortable, convenient and secured workplace

One of the possible downsides of working from home is the surge in power bills. Staying at home makes you want to turn on the air conditioner, charge your computers, phones and other gadgets, and use other appliances that make it more convenient to work at home. With such set-up and the cost of electricity continues to rise, homeowners should find ways on how to save on energy bills. One option they could do is to use solar power and install roof solar panels.

Here are some of the reasons workers from home might find solar power use advantageous.

photovoltaic home roof

It reduces power bills

Among its many benefits, reduction on power bill might be the one that tops the list. Its effect can also be felt after a month or so of using it. With the proper and smart consumption of solar energy, you can reduce your bill and eventually will not need to rely on the national power grid.

It is a smart investment

While it might not be a smart choice to invest during this time of crisis, investing in solar power is still favourable. It can help you save on electricity bills, and its long life span lets you maximise its use and return of investment. It is a continuous investment because its source, the sun’s energy, is unlimited. Other investments are unsure once stocks crash.

It is safe for the environment

You are not only helping reduce greenhouse gases by not commuting to work, but you can also help minimise environmental pollution by choosing to use a renewable energy source. The sun’s energy is abundant, always available and clean.

It is now more affordable

With the Covid-19 crisis, many industries producing fossil fuels and oils were affected. As a result, prices and demand for these sources of energy went down. This turn of events could serve as an opportunity to rely more on solar power as the primary source of energy globally. The cost of solar panels and its installation has already gone down since it was first introduced. Installing solar panels now allows you to enjoy its benefits without worrying about breaking the bank.

It lets you earn extra cash

At times like this, it is crucial to find ways to save and earn cash at the same time. Installing solar panels can make you do both. It can help you reduce energy bills and allow you to earn money through rebates and incentives. Most countries give out incentives to homeowners who decide to install solar panels. If you have surplus electricity, you can also send it back to the power grid in exchange for some cash.

If you’re working from home or planning to do so, this is the best time to invest in solar panels for your home! Solar Shop Online can help you choose the right solar panels for your home. Call us today at 1300 620 290  or visit our website to learn more about the solar panel products we offer.