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Why should Schools and Universities consider using Solar Panels?

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Solar panel use is not only limited to households and businesses but is now gaining popularity in most schools and universities. With its many benefits, among them is reducing carbon imprint; the move to using solar panels in schools will also educate students to be more aware of being a steward of the environment. It will also be an added knowledge for them about renewable energy and how the technology works on the solar panels.

Here, we list some of the essential benefits that schools and universities can get should they use solar panels.

Unlimited Supply of Energy

Schools and universities can enjoy and rely on the energy of the sun for their electricity consumption. Solar panels are dependable and can work any season of the school year.

As school roofs are flat and broader, more panels can be installed, generating energy enough for the whole campus. In schools, solar panel use is also ideal because during the day is the peak period of energy use, and schools can maximise the energy from the sun. 

Having solar panels can make schools an independent power source, which is useful when there is a power outage. Classes can still resume because the school has its source of energy and does not rely on the grid.

Reduction of Operating Costs

Using solar panels will eventually cut the cost of electric bills in schools and universities and, in turn, minimise the operating cost of the whole school. The money allocated for the electric bills can now be used for other projects or programs for the schools. Solar panels also require less maintenance and can be used for several school years.

Setting a Good Reputation for the School

Being environmentally aware is one of the essential learnings a school can teach students. With its aim to go green and reduce carbon imprints, schools that use solar panels send a message to the community that their school aims to be an institution that values the environment.

The move to use renewable energy to power up the school will eventually give schools an image of being sustainable.

As technology is also involved in how the solar panels work, the school will be setting an example of a school geared toward technology. This setting will be an opportunity for media coverage and publications for the school.

With all these, students will be attracted to enrol in solar-powered schools and universities, making enrolments higher.

Solar Panel School Grants

The government not only incentivise household that installs solar panels but also provides grants to schools who want to install solar panels.

In Australia, solar power grants started in 2008 under the National Solar Schools Program. Schools were granted up to a maximum of $50,000 to finance the installation of a minimum 2kW solar power system. The schools were selected following three criteria, namely, value for money, environmental and educational benefit. This program ended in 2013.

Last year, the government allocated $5 million for the installation of solar PV’s in 25 schools, which started in 2019 and seen to be completed by 2021. This funding is part of the country’s Roadmap to Renewables Plan. The schools were chosen according to their energy consumption.

This program is expected to cut the school’s energy bills by 40%.

These government fundings will be an excellent opportunity for schools that aims to lessen their carbon imprint, to teach students about environmental stewardship, and to be a reputable institution. So, we hope for more of these programs to be included in the government’s annual budget.

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