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Wenzhou Benyi Electrical Co. Ltd. (ZJBeny) is the top 1 solar DC components manufacturer in China. ZJBeny developed the first DC switch in China listed as UL508i for top solar inverter brands. Now they are one of the leading manufacturers of DC Products only for PV, such as DC combiner, DC solar isolators, DC circuit breaker, DC surging protection device, DC fuse and DC connectors. Their company focus is on solar DC protection design, producing and marketing of solar PV safety to their consumers.

With more than 25 years experiences in traditional electrical, ZJBENY now provides powerful support for the renewable business industry. With each product being backed by the skills and service of a dedicated team of customer-focused specialists, they have been striving and are able to supply high-quality products for residential and commercial rooftop systems utilities all over the world. Up to now, they have already obtained TUV /CE /ROHS /SAA /1S09001:2008 certification and their VDE certification is undergoing. ZJBENY now enjoys a ready market of renewable energy in many countries and areas, including Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. ZJBeny does their best to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with the reliable and excellent performance through their products.

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